About Us:

Online food ordering made simple.

Bitegate is an online food ordering service that provides restaurants with an easy way to increase their online orders and gives customers the ability to order online and trafficdecrease wait time. It was founded in May 2015 by Kishore Kethineni and Manoj Tripathi.Both have extensive several years of experience in technology and food industry

Security and Ease
Customers have complete access to restaurant menus and promotions through Bitegate. Through our secure server, Bitegate processes customer orders and relays them to restaurants. In turn, restaurants get more orders, an increased online presence, and boosted tech and marketing through our services.

Bitegate optimizes your ordering experience through our web and mobile applications on smart mobile devices. No cash handling is required and payment is processed through secure between restaurant and customer.Some restaurants have in-store kiosks which act as line busters and allows customers to order online and reduce allow customers to order on a tablet-style device and reduce wait times for order with secure payment.